Choosing a down jacket

img-20131022105602-127Today, no one doubts that, that jacket is the most practical and convenient winter clothing. Therefore, the range of this product is sufficient for, to choose a model for any figure, any style and color, from a variety of fabrics and lengths. Тем более, что под пуховик можно купить толстовку в спб, pants, skirt, as a sports suit, and classic, in general the most different odezhdu.A recently considered jacket outerwear exclusively for winter recreation and skiing. Today jacket proudly walks world's catwalks and streets of the city. World designers are increasingly creating modern models, that look nice and you can easily wear clothing with different styles.

Here are some tips for choosing the down jackets, which will serve as a reliable protection in the cold of winter, но, при этом, will be fashionable and stylish combined with your wardrobe.
One of the warmest and quality down jackets are considered Canadian, since they are made of eiderdown. But the cost is quite high and can reach several thousand dollars, so this product is popular among those, who can afford such quality. but, Norwegian and Russian manufacturer of the goods, which by its characteristics is not inferior to the Canadian Down Jackets, but the price of this product is significantly different. In this case, no one will give you an absolute guarantee, that you buy the original, and not a fake jacket.

Therefore, there are several ways, how to distinguish the original from a fake.
Firstly, original jacket necessarily label, where, least, designated country manufacturer and tips on caring for the product. Во-вторых, of zastezhkah, button, as well as lightning is present logo, which is definitely not a fake. AND, в-третьих: vote tissue products to the touch. The original jacket, как правило, fabrics made from high quality, who do not miss the Pooh. Кроме того, jacket should have a hood, which can be rolled up or unfasten.

Such simple, казалось бы, tips will help you choose a down jacket, quality will not disappoint.

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