GIA "Family and Relationships"

Семья, marriage - it is not so easy, as it seems on the verge of the Civil Registry Office

Семья, брак – это не так просто, как кажется на пороге ЗАГСа

Отзвучит марш Мендельсона, закончится первый свадебный вальс, разойдутся гости, распакуются все подарки и начнется настоящая семейная жизнь. Семейная жизнь. which, хочется верить, теперь «на века». Но для этого надо приложить максимум усилий с обеих сторон, overcome the possible mutual ...

Key Secrets of Family Happiness

Основные секреты семейного счастья

After the marriage is very difficult to keep the heat of the hearth and maintain the love in the hearts of each other. We consider in this paper the basic secrets of marital happiness: 1. The main thing - should respect each other, because true love without mutual respect for each other is impossible to imagine. ...

Quarrels destroy relationships

Ссоры разрушают отношения

Again there was a quarrel in your relationship. Nothing seems to be large, reconcile again soon and you will be all right. However, at constant underestimation of various small quarrels and disputes you have at the end of a huge scandal may turn out. Then nothing good will come. Cause for scandal ...

Who's the Boss?

Кто в доме хозяин?

As a teenager, we all rebels and maximalists, brushed aside the conventions of the adult world and wanted to do things his own way. However, growing up, we were surprised to notice, that repetitive thoughts, who had heard as a child from our parents, and in general we have radically different outlook on life. With age, every ...

Errors and their consequences.

Ошибки в отношениях и их последствия.

Satellites of any relationship is creation and destruction. Man and woman always want to find other arcs. And if you have a boyfriend, but you want to know likes or does not like to go to the site Guessing at the guy in many ways will answer all your questions. However, creating a relationship ...

Do I need to discuss past relationships?

Нужно ли обсуждать прошлые отношения?

Relationship Mezhuyev woman and the man eventually flow from one level to another level. If you want to buy a gift for their loved ones go toЗдесь you can choose the online store in which order the mobile phone Prestigio good quality ...

Relations: separation rules

Отношения: правила расставания

The ability to look back – a rare thing. It's hard to forget now, alone with yourself and with your emotions, as you were good together. But we need to be able to let go of the past. To do this, get rid of all sorts of stimuli. Throw away your common photos: enough to torture myself with thoughts ...

How can I spend the weekend with his family

Как можно провести выходные дни со своей семьёй

I'm sure many of you have these cherished jute weekend with great anticipation all week. And it is not surprising. After all, these days you are given the opportunity to sleep, take a break from work problems, and finally, to do their favorite things. И для того, to have a good rest and gain energy ...

Family and marriage in the eyes of men

Семья и брак в глазах мужчины

In today's world completely dies understanding of marriage and family, as people have seen before. Previously, the younger generation inoculated culture relations, courteous treatment of the female sex as gentle and fragile creatures, Today the woman herself does not allow the gentle and kind ...

Tips young wife in building relationships.

Советы молодой жене в построении отношений.

That's your long-awaited day has come - your first day in the role of wife. How many tricks and gimmicks you have to apply, that he chose you. For him, you forget about all your girlfriends, because you love him so much! We consider in this article how to save your relationship, not to lose ...




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