GIA "Beauty"

Eat and stay beautiful

Ешь и оставайся красивой

To be beautiful is not necessary to use expensive cosmetics. Previously, even by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers without makeup were perfect appearance. And the secret of their beauty is, that they are properly fed. Previously, because there was no fast foods, today ...

Beauty requires - myths about cosmetics - part 2

Красота требует – мифы о косметике – часть 2

Down with oranges! The appearance of cellulite is associated with impaired hormone metabolism, malnutrition or low physical activity. None of these items can not affect the cream Maximum, what effect you can achieve, – the upper layer of the skin is moistened, hence, leather ...

Visually reduce enlarged pores

Зрительно уменьшаем расширенные поры

Holders of beautiful skin is possible to do a minimum of makeup and look beautiful in any situation. However, not every woman can boast of such a gift of nature, many come, using makeup to mask skin imperfections. Often the problem skin after adolescence ...

Красота требует – мифы о косметике

Красота требует – мифы о косметике

Мы часто покупаем продукты, которые не едим, БАДЫ, которые не прибавляют нам здоровья, и одежду, которую не носим. Плюсуем к этому ещё и бесполезную косметику и получаем напрасные траты. Ð • Ñ Ð »Ð ¸ Ð ² Ñ <Ñ ... Ð ¾ Ñ, Ð ¸ Ñ, Ðμ Ð ± Ð ¾ л ÑŒÑÐμ уР· Ð ½ Ð ° Ñ, Noe Ð ¾ Ð ½ Ð ° Ñ, ÑƒÑ € Ð ° Ð »ÑŒÐ ½ Ð ¾ Ð ¼ Ð ¾ Ð ¼ Ð ¾ л Ð ¾ Ð ¶ Ð ½ Ð ¸ Ð ¸ Ð · Ð ° Ñ ... Ð ¾ Ð'Ð ¸ Ñ, Ðμ Ð ½ Ð ° Ñ Ð ° Ð ¹ Ñ, Here in the resource rejuvenation ...

Tips for female beauty

Советы для женской красоты

Wash your face daily with soft water – skip the usual tap water through a filter or boil it. It is desirable to cool wash water. But if you have too oily skin, then wash with warm, to thoroughly clean the face, and at the end pat face soaked with cool ...

Silver Beauty, Health and Housing

Серебро для красоты, здоровья и дома

true say, What's new – it is simply forgotten old. And modern cosmetology in its latest surveys look into the distant past, to traditional recipes manufacturing cosmetics, trying to rediscover components, that our ancestors include in their magic ...

These fashionable braids

Эти модные косички

Beautiful long hair at all times regarded as the main decoration women. This is true wealth, которое, with proper care, It may be the most elegant and visible image detail. Modern barbers offer many options pilings and hairstyles, of them spit on ...

How to become beautiful

Как стать красивой

Many women consider themselves unattractive. This is the eternal problem of female. The lack of a fourth the size of the breast, curvy hips or freckles do not make ugly lady. Every person can find interesting features, that make it attractive, interesting and charismatic. Women ...

How to make a Greek haircut?

Как сделать греческую прическу?

Today ladies look great with delicious and beautiful Greek haircut. If a girl knows, how to make a Greek haircut, it will look elegant in any situation: on the party, solemn event, a dinner or business dinner. In recent years, hairstyles ...

Vacuum roller massage in Kiev

Вакуумно-роликовый массаж в Киеве

Currently, most of the female population, pays special attention to their appearance. There are many methods and modern technologies, which can effectively adjust the shape and prevent cellulite. Especially popular, is vacuum-roller massage ...




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