Puppets - an effective marketing tool


Puppets - it is hilarious, bright, colorful costume shell, inside which there is a person (animator). Funny fairy-tale characters, cute animals, moving items always attract the attention of people on the streets, in the halls concert halls, in the arena of sports.

Most often, the production of dolls ordering company, prepares a massive advertising campaign. In the major cities in the workshops can order any costume, in which the animator will feel comfortable throughout the working day. The suit should be easy, удобным, does not restrict movement. In carrying out promotions funny little animals and characters from the cartoon hand out to passers-by on the streets of leaflets or brochures summarizing the content of the company's products.

Also often puppets are often used Animators for children's birthday or festive event. Since kids love bright and interesting characters from the cartoons and games. At the moment, almost any modern and global celebration for the little guys did not pass without animation.

Well made suit plays a huge role in attracting the attention of passers-by. Iced teddy bear, is "rented" a variety of the company for several years, It produces pitiful impression, and the company – author promotions only lose the use of the advertising medium. And vice versa, original and memorable (как правило, costly) costumes confirm the seriousness and well-being of the company. customers unlimited imagination, например, for advertising of coffee made doll packaging, dolls in the form of cans of papier-mache and cardboard, imitating the advertised product. Similarly, advertising tea, yogurt, juices and even medicines. (Everyone is familiar packaging "immunala", which skated on the ice in the popular transmission famous figure skaters).

Several years ago, puppets and costumes for the production of special technologies have been the hallmark of the few workshops, who sewed a few options - "Mickey Mouse", 'Leo', "Cheburashka", "Crocodile Gena", "Bear". Today the choice for customers is huge - given the opportunity to choose from a list of puppet fairy-tale characters and cartoon characters, book themed costumes (to open restaurants, bars, hotels, sports complexes ordered puppets, developed by the designer on certain topics), choose a humorous costume. Например, funny fictional characters, famous heroes of works of favorite writers, easily recognizable by the general public ("Three tolstyaka», "Shur Balaganov", "Bender" et al.) and cause the joyful, pleasant emotions.

For the manufacture of dolls previously used metal frame and foam, current design has become much easier, by the use of polyethylene foam. Animators can provide agencies or they may be involved by the customer.

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