Robotics and programming for children

Robotics and programming for children

A popular trend in today's schools of children's development - Robotics club for children. Fascinating hobby can become a promising career in the future, so it is important to choose a good professional and interesting program. Academy of the future occupations in Kiev It offers to meet with our IT-courses.

As classes

Popularity robotics courses for children easy to explain. Children in a fun and intuitive "game" master programming basics, learn to create unique patterns and working program. Such courses will interest children of all ages, boys and girls, become a reliable "springboard" for a future career in IT-technologies.

The learning process is made individually for each age group, designed for specific grade levels.

The work plan includes:

  1. The study of the basic principles of robotics.
  2. design models.
  3. Assembly and functional test.
  4. Programming and debugging the system further.

Child get acquainted with the basic principles of mechanics, Electronics, mathematics, consolidates the acquired skills into practice, It makes the first steps in programming and solid modeling. Logical thinking and the ability to apply the knowledge gained in other areas - the main advantages of this hobby. Our students are more successful than their peers in the exact sciences, which has a positive effect on schooling.

Interesting and relevant knowledge

Modern teaching methods to make the process as accessible and fun. Computer school for children It provides an overview of the functioning of the models, It allows to fix the received knowledge on practical examples.

Training is conducted in the following programs:

  • Lego. Used in the younger groups, is easy assembly and programming.
  • Fishertechnic. Advanced analog of Lego, for the middle age group of pupils.
  • Arduino. Versatile and popular designer of programming for children and adults. Arduino for children recommended, beginning with 12 years, already familiar with the basic principles of robotics and electronics.

In the process of training your child will receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also get the opportunity to put them into practice. Creating a robot - an exciting experience, and participate in the competition with his own hand made model - a sea of ​​emotions and the stimulus to new heights. Free workshops, Summer Camp and IT-courses for children of all ages - all this is offered by our Academy.

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