Professional dentistry – pledge of a beautiful smile

Professional dentistry - pledge of a beautiful smile

A beautiful smile – это то, that colors every modern man. To achieve a stunning effect of white teeth, cure gum disease or simply to inspect the oral hygiene department will help Family Dentistry Clinic Dr. Datsenko.

In working with the patient to apply the advanced technical devices and tools, imported materials, with high service life. The level and qualifications of dentists is not in doubt, what already could see dozens of patients, wishing to make a snow-white smile, or just spend a dental treatment at the best prices.

The list of services includes:

  • teeth alignment;
  • whitening tooth surfaces;
  • treatment of inflammations and gingival;
  • Oral hygiene;
  • aesthetic and therapeutic dentistry.

address dentistry – Irkutsk, md. Pervomayskiy 14A – this is where you can get a full range of services, including consultation with the doctor and immediate treatment tailored to the individual patient's wishes.

Special attention is given prosthetics. К сожалению, more people to 30-40 years face major challenges, which require the installation of implants. In the clinic of Dr. Dotsenko for these works apply quality, advanced materials, the cost of which is available to all patients.

As for the orthodontics (correction of malocclusion), it should deal with this problem since childhood, as children fix is ​​significantly faster and more efficient. Doctors quickly select the right type of braces for your child, give advice on how to use, and will install.

In order to ensure the professionalism of the doctors family clinic doctor Dotsenko, try to implement Entry to the dentist beforehand. To address the issue individually suitable staff, so the treatment will be as fast and efficient.

View room treatment or restoration of teeth, patients can, after careful examination and the doctor's conclusions. At each stage, you can ask questions, read tips and advice specialists.

On our side, it remains only to wish – do not delay the visit to the dentist, if you want to keep your smile beautiful and attractive to the people around them, with whom you have to communicate. The timely detection of the problem, Related recorded in the oral cavity infection, It can be fixed as soon as possible!

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