constant colds

constant colds

All parents like, the child grew, never ill, but this, unfortunately, impossible. However, to reduce the number of diseases it is quite possible. To achieve this, you can be vaccinated, but they do not happen by cold; restrict contacting baby, But it is difficult; conduct tempering, but it is possible to make a mistake with the intensity of these procedures.

The most convenient way to start the summer recreational activities. This opportunity should be used as much as possible, took the child out of the city. There is purity of the products from the garden and fresh air a wonderful influence on strengthening the body.

During their stay in the country or the rest of the sea child need to go barefoot, because the immune system increases the massage of reflex zones of the foot, and activates the activity of internal organs, there is a direct effect on lymphoid pharyngeal ring, reduces the possibility of winter colds. Before choosing a place of rest for the child, having a chronic disease, should consult a doctor. After all, someone has a beneficial effect sea, and someone better climate of the middle band. Thus it is necessary to comply with common rules for all – in another climate zone should be at least two weeks, of which the first is for acclimatization organism, and the second week is given proper rest. so says an experienced pediatrician (Rostov-on-Don), He also gives advice on the proper use of vitamins.

In late summer and early autumn is the time to provide the body with vitamins. Естественно, “prepare” in the winter the water-soluble vitamins PP, C and B will not be able, since an excessive amount of them immediately excreted by the kidneys, but formed in the course of the year their deficit is quite possible to compensate. Естественно, at this time it is better to use the apples around Moscow, clean Astrakhan watermelons kidney. Watermelon juicy and sweet diet for a few days, even a three-year useful baby, if he does not ask for any other food.

Raw vegetable salads perfectly normalize intestinal function, helping to prevent constipation, cleansing the bowel wall of accumulated sediments. The result will be a better absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins from the body.

Mid-September is usually the first to rise in the incidence of autumn. There comes a cold, wet and windy weather, appears school loading with an early rise and homework. At this time, well it helps children adapt adherence of the day, increasing the duration of walking and sleep. Should not give up and to continue the hardening of the body in the morning dousing with cold water, or simply pouring feet at least to the knee.

Days seem to be very short during the late autumn, when dirt everywhere, leaves on the trees are no longer, and the snow has not yet fallen. It feels light deficiency, from which babies can develop rickets. Older children feel a sharp increase in fatigue, health decline. Ie autumn depression appears with decreasing daylight. her sun exposure treatment is carried out in a hospital, where a person receives a few minutes tysyachevattnoe irradiation lamps daily for a certain period. At this time, replace the bad and the house even in the bathroom and the children's lights on a bright. Лучше, of course, use matte, as in bright, but not dramatically lit easier to wake up in the morning and feel refreshed all day, maintaining a good mood and enhance immunity. In the same period of time to start an introduction to multivitamins diet, because of their flow is markedly reduced with the food into the body. It is best to use natural plant forms, However, synthetic drugs are also suitable. Child needs a month to take their daily, and then three or four times during the winter-spring season to conduct repeat such courses.

In the cold season, without studying the immune status of the child, you can give him herbal adaptogens (ginseng, eleuterokokk, Echinacea tincture) two or three courses. They are taken daily in the morning, and in the evening the day the child voltage must be removed before bedtime to improve sleep sedative decoction of herbs Leonurus, valerian.

To exclude the disease during virus outbreaks are good vitamins, adaptogens, to receive them well and add a homeopathic medicine. The disease can protect and vaccination against influenza, which is best done in October. Children with frequent otitis diseases, sore throat, bronchitis can take drugs, which combine the properties of the vaccine and nonspecific immunocorrector, protect against streptococcus, staphylococci, Klebsiella, Haemophilus influenzae. However, to pick up and carry out preventive maintenance scheme can help surcharge Children's Medical Center, if we refer to its experts.

Aromatherapy is also one of the driving methods to normal body function. It helps to harmonize the state, improve mood, not just raising human immunity. The advantage of using this method for children is its difference from conventional medical treatments, what is called a special sympathy for him. baby recovery occurs by inhalation or pine smell of orange, falling asleep on a pillow with lavender, mint scent in the nursery. When a child illness inhalation used based on essential oils, they are rubbed into the skin, They are used for gargling, buried in the nose.

The main condition for successful treatment is high-quality essential oils. They must be natural, pure and certified,, produced by manufacturers with good recommendations. Естественно, this oil will not be cheap, but it will pay off for efficacy and lack of side effects.

Bolevshy often during the year the child necessarily require careful examination. He should be examined Children's ENT doctor, dentist, it needs to define the immune status and a blood test. With timely detection of chronic infection and its successful elimination, you can not be afraid of next winter, it will be much easier to survive.

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