Therapies hardware refractive disorders

Therapies hardware refractive disorders

In most cases, hardware methods of treatment of refractive disorders are prescribed in the treatment of children. Fact, more effective laser vision correction in children is contraindicated, and wearing glasses entails many difficulties.

Advantages of hardware treat

Research centers are constantly developing new hardware methods of treatment of visual pathologies. Even today, they allow quite effective correction of certain forms of refractive error, and strabismus. Кроме того, hardware methods help with cataract, glaucoma, infectious pathologies, pryesbiopii.

The main advantages of this therapy are hardware:

  • The absence of discomfort and pain.
  • Low probability of side effects.
  • The opportunity to receive treatment on an outpatient basis.
  • High efficiency.
  • Rapid rehabilitation or even the lack of need for it.

Existing hardware techniques

The choice of method is based on the doctor's recommendations and contraindications. The following techniques are used today:

  • magnet.
  • Treatment with a laser or infrared radiation exposure.
  • Synoptofor.
  • Vacuum massage.
  • Treatment with electrical stimulation.

Description magnetotherapy

The technique can significantly improve blood microcirculation, eliminate the cramping and reinforce vessels. Magnet therapy is most often used in the treatment of traumatic injuries, because radiation can penetrate not only directly, but also through the bandage.

Magnetic therapy is contraindicated in severe cardiovascular diseases, oncology and tuberculosis.

Treatment with a laser or infrared radiation

Techniques of this kind are effective in the treatment of myopia, strabismus and visual fatigue, caused by a high load. They are used in the treatment of pathologies in children correction, because it has no side effects. Laser or infrared exposure exerts the following effect:

  • Improves supply of organs of oxygen.
  • Relieves muscle spasm.
  • Starts regenerative processes.

Therapy is contraindicated in the following pathologies:

  • corneal atrophy.
  • dacryocystitis.
  • Various infectious and inflammatory diseases of the eye.

Treatment with electrical stimulation

Method affects receptors, It increases the number of neural link between the brain and the central optic nerve. Furthermore due to improved microcirculation stabilized metabolism. Electrical stimulation helps with:

  • myopia.
  • asthenopia.
  • Pryesbiopii.
  • Retinal dystrophies.

Modern hardware and treatment of disorders of refraction is available to patients of the Moscow clinics “OkoMed”: If you are interested in this service, consult a specialist clinic for further advice.

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