Кризис 30 years, housewives

The implementation itself - whether it's important for the wife-housewife?

According to Pyramid A. Maslow, implementation itself is at the top of the pyramid of human needs.
The implementation of the human can be considered in a broad sense as a person, with obligatory achievement of certain success and recognition. In the narrow sense, as the occupation favorite thing, hobby.

People like to do things, that they have obtained and vice versa, it is best to get to do something, they like to do, what is the soul. A person will not feel full happy, if it is not passionate about any occupation. Daily grind, Acting housewives invariably lead to dissatisfaction it is as a person. Especially sharply it can manifest itself in the period of age crisis, let's say 30 years.

Another young, a beautiful woman is visited by thoughts: "Nothing has made", "I am not imagine anything". According to each according to his ability. Many housewives can realize itself through the preparation of culinary delights, someone engaged in embroidery, knitting.

In recent years, popular and favorite pastime becomes decoration and garden landscaping, cottages. There is a program, that offer opportunities for creativity, realization of their ideas, of imagination, say even Photoshop program. Someone boasts of education and achievements of their children.

Not everyone becomes a remarkable man, but that does not mean, that separately taken person is not important and significant, especially with his family. An important achievement and a major "acquisition" in the life of the woman is the family. And let the woman-housewife - not to build a career or to 30godam, or later, but it is "built" family and is likely to achieve, than a defeat.

Even small results, skills, skills in a particular area make us ourselves, talk about, that a man let a little, but it took. Need more to love yourself, listen to yourself, just deal with the, what happens, what I like to do.

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