When you want to ease

When you want to easeHow often do you want to drop everything and do nothing? Do not go to work, not cook dinner, do not use cosmetics? What about the first two points, наверное, we can not help, but for those, who are tired of creams on your skin - Israeli cosmetic concern Holy Land (HL) He invented the lightest texture A Knox plus retinol, which is quite noticeable on the skin, but at the same time functions as a full-fledged professional cream.

What can this emulsion?

Due to the content of natural extracts of medicinal herbs, например, plantain, A Knox can easily remove inflammation, redness and peeling of the skin. At the same time soften and nourish the beneficial vitamins, because of the, as the name implies, includes retinol - provitamin A, which is vital to every cell in our body.

Combination and oily skin - that field of activity for the emulsion. The list of her skills is huge, because she:

• Align the thickness of the outer skin layer

• fights inflammation and free radicals

• If the skin has dark spots, a-nox emulsion synergizes with other bleaching agents and helps get rid of unwanted rash

• Updates, nourishes, improves, It gives velvety and radiance of the skin cells

• Removes swelling, inflammation, komedonы, акне, redness and peeling

• Surprisingly, but this emulsion is a proven astringent and wound-healing effect, so you can safely use it for a little damaged areas - you will feel relief!

• Acts as an active fighter against bacteria, bacteria and reduces inflammation of the skin

• Displays of body fluids and toxins, It helps to reduce swelling of the skin

What are the natural substances contained in the composition of this miracle-emulsion?

Furthermore plantain extract, there are extracts of witch hazel and comfrey. These herbs are known for their anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

Use this drug can be daily, but it is better before using consult your beautician, as there may be an individual reaction to some ingredients, or you can correctly identify your skin type.

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