Chronic pain and methods of treatment

Chronic pain, and modern methods of treatment

Most serious pathologies accompanied by pain. Разумеется, to fully get rid of it is necessary to eliminate the root cause, ie the pathological process, due to which the pain occurs. However, it often takes a long time, because most diseases are treated conservatively for a long time, and to eliminate some of them have to resort to surgical procedures.

Muscle pain

К сожалению, people rarely turn to professionals when a muscle ailments, even though they may indicate serious problems. The most common causes of muscle pain are:

  • long presence of man in an uncomfortable position;
  • overexertion of muscles, caused by excessive physical activity (intense physical labor or intensive sports);
  • bruises, sprains and other injuries;
  • long stay in the draft.

Кроме того, Muscle pain may occur during the development of serious pathologies of the spine. This is due either to the emergence of phantom sensations, or with damage to the central nervous system.

Pain in joints and back

Most often, this pain manifests itself in the presence of the following diseases of bones and joints:

  • rachiocampsis;
  • intervertebral hernia and compression of the nerve roots;
  • compression of the peripheral nerves;
  • inflammatory and degenerative-dystrophic joint diseases;
  • various injuries.

Chronic pain syndrome

In most cases, chronic pain (как правило, aching) accompany the following illnesses:

  • невралгия, characterized by inflammation of nerve fibers (problem occurs because of careless movements, hypothermia and excessive exercise);
  • ʙursit, that is, an inflammatory disease of the joint capsule, characterized by the appearance of pus in the cavity of a joint mobility and deterioration (often, this pathology occurs in athletes and people, having problems with being overweight);
  • nendovaginit, that strikes inside of the articular sheath and occurs because of the large number of infectious diseases or because of immunodeficiency;
  • ossalgia (pain in the bones and joints, accompanying a number of major diseases);
  • post-traumatic pain syndrome, arising from injuries, sprains and other injuries.
  • postoperative complication.

pain treatment

For a complete pain relief, especially chronic, It is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause of its occurrence. Until then, the patient will have to resort to anti-inflammatory (including hormonal) and analgesic drugs. Most of them allow you to quickly alleviate the condition, that at some time will allow to return to active life. Однако, This method should not be used continuously.

pain treatment

Of great importance to treatment of chronic pain syndrome are paying in Israel. Например, services struggle with chronic pain offers Medical Center “Ramat Aviv”: This center operates a specialized clinic of the treatment of pain, which experts have successfully used such techniques, как:

  • neuromodulation devices;
  • radiofrequency anesthesia;
  • ortokin therapy;
  • microsurgery (например, nerve overlap), etc.

More information about modern methods of treatment of pain can be found on the Center's website “Ramat Aviv”.

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