The main thing about the midwife profession

The main thing about the midwife profession

Every person on earth with the arrival of a certain age have to choose a specialty, according to which in the future and work. In the world there are many different professions, such as doctors and firefighters of different qualifications, MVD and Ministry of Emergency Situations, the teacher, educators, etc.. д. They all have their pluses and minuses.

Who is the obstetrician?

Profession “obstetrician” - one of the most noble. It aims to help pregnant women, and the adoption of birth. This profession is very demanding, but nice. Midwives are required to monitor the health of not only the expectant mother, but also the state of health of the child. Despite the enormous responsibility, medical workers of this kind are a large flow of positive energy from a job well done by them. It is only with their help, thanks to the advice and thorough diagnosis, children are born.

Существует 2 kind of Obstetrics

1. Obstetrician-gynecologist. This person is a licensed medical professional. He knows it's not just about birth, but of pathology, complications during pregnancy and at delivery directly. Obstetrician-gynecologist conducts the whole process, starting with early pregnancy, ending with the appearance of a baby born;

2. Obstetrician. This is the average health care worker, which, как правило, takes the child's birth.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

As in any other case, here has its pluses and minuses. Consider them in detail.


1) Stress and tensions. Accoucheur must be prepared to, that not all pregnancies occur well and without complications.

2) Irregular working hours. This is because, that children are born, and the night, and holidays. Also labor can not last for a couple of hours, a much longer time.

3) increased liability. Medical practice such profession is responsible for mother and child health.


1) The presence at the birth of a new life.

2) Obtaining broad knowledge. Such an employee can become a home family doctor, t. к. he is ready to provide first aid as a pensioner, and young children.

3) Positive emotions. Obstetricians for the good work undertaken always thank: or just warm words, a nice little things such as flowers and chocolates.

choosing a profession “obstetrician”, a person must have such qualities, as an orderly, pedantry, stress tolerance and compassion. As well as the obstetrician should be primarily professional in his field and most important - is to love their children.

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