Dupleksy – excellent alternative kottezhdam

Dupleksy - excellent alternative kottezhdam

Living in a country house has many advantages compared to staying in an apartment house.
Comfortable and modern duplex-dom - it's a great alternative to cottages and townhouses. Duplex is a type of real estate, having two separate entrances and intended for two families.

In Russia, the popularity of such sites is just beginning, and here in the US states under a building set aside entire villages. And if in our country in a duplex family live most, which previously were not familiar, duplexes in America is considered as an option for living relatives.

In deciding in favor of the duplex, Each owner is still at an early stage to make a choice in favor of buying a finished home or in favor of building from scratch. Both options have their advantages, so both have the right to life.

If you already have a precise idea of, It should look like your future home, if you want to choose their future neighbors, if you care to take a direct part in the design, construction and subsequent maintenance, значит, ideal - build duplex.

Today, in any city in the country there are firms, are engaged in the construction of such houses.
Here you can choose how ready projects duplexes, and upgrade all of them to fit your needs. And here you can apply for, to find a suitable neighbor. To do this, we should define the basic criteria, and then look into the database. using filters, you will greatly reduce the search time. If, however, at the moment there were no people, ready to become co-investors at home and therefore future neighbors, значит, just leave your request on the site and describe it in their wishes. The company will take over the search and soon will be able to begin construction of their dream home.

Безусловно, duplexes in front of a bright future, because these homes give great benefits to their owners. The first and most attractive advantage of a duplex - is the ability to save as most construction, and the subsequent utility bills. By choosing the joint construction, you share with future neighbors all the costs of construction and pay fifty percent less, than would be paid during the construction of a separate private house. Payment for electricity, gas, water is conducted by individual meters and costs are greatly reduced for owners of duplexes. Modern duplex medium size costs a little more, than the average apartment in the city, but in addition you get a plot of land, which can be used for their own purposes. But the noise from neighbors above, of the total entrance and other unpleasant factors of an apartment building, наоборот, save yourself and your family.

Some owners prefer to build duplexes fence between the two portions, and some – leave the territory of the free. Which option you choose - up to you and your future neighbors. Exterior finishes can also be different. No complications will not arise in the case of the sale of half of the house in the future, as the consent of the neighbors is not required. Selling half duplex is not different from the usual sale of private homes.

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