What to give the child?

 What to give the child?

Holidays in childhood - this is the most memorable moments in a child's life. Sweets, air balloons, the attention of visitors, friends and, конечно же, gifts. The question: "What to give your child?», It faces almost every parent.

The choice is so diverse, just get lost: constructor, machine, cots for dolls, plush bunny.

But the child grows every year, and his tastes change. How can please the kid in 5, 10 и 15 years? There are a couple tips:

1. to a year, gift for a child, it is rather a gift to his parents, so you should choose the practical things: коляску, pot, nipples, riding hall, rattle or rubber toys, and the like.

2. Choosing a gift for children from one year to three, stands with extreme caution. The first and most important selection criterion - safety. Children at this age very curious and spontaneous, therefore, a great gift to be: furniture for dolls, Stuffed Toys, garages for machines, tricycle, bricks, beautiful bright crockery, painting supplies.

3. At the age of 4, 5-years, the child has already formed personality, who has his own preferences, tastes, sympathy. Therefore, it is already interested in the views of the child, about his desires. A great gift choice for this age will be: books, скакалка, decorations for little fashionista, rollers or skates, toy watch, houseplants, bike or scooter. From this age it is time to gradually accustom the baby to developing games, therefore Oyster set for the child will be as an excellent gift.

4. At the age of six, the child begins to grow rapidly thinking, it improves memory, there is logic. Therefore it is better to choose a variety of intelligent game: chess, children's encyclopedia, globe, cards, educational board games, kite flying and other.
Special joy in children 6 to 12 years may cause a set of "I – engineer", having a high potential for developing. This is the best alternative to LEGO, gadgets and tablets!
Many parents choose Oyster sets as gifts, because they allow you to make the child's familiarity with the various professions in the game form. In this you can see for yourself by going to the website oysterkit.ru/engineer, where a large selection of Oyster kits for children of different ages. experts say, that set Oyster engineer working on the development of some aspects of logical thinking.
5. 8-10 years. Girls are a great gift of beauty items: beautician or baby cosmetics, for boys: playsets with the heroes and characters of movies and cartoons.

6. 11-13 years - you can choose absolutely any gift: different books, sweets, comfortable clothes and other.

Of course when choosing a gift must take into account the individual characteristics of the child, his tastes and inclinations, and of course, choosing a gift must be carefully and lovingly

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