Brider – difficult hobby

Brider - difficult hobby

Cats, as doves, they like people all over the planet. There is in them something magical, attractive, nice. И хорошо, that purebred paid maximum attention. However, now there is a flurry of announcements about the sale of the hands kittens Maine coon at low prices, it guards. Inexperienced people do not even think about forgery, when they are foisting a kitten from a distant origin maykunovskogo. Only after some time, these buyers will know, что, for fashion, they have failed and found themselves in the role of Pushkin's priest, who chased cheapness.

Buy maine coon kitten… How to define it the breed? This question is asked by many lovers of God's creatures. The unequivocal answer is no. Но, to become the owner of a genuine copy, must, at least on the Internet, do educational program. It is advisable to visit the sites of the best nurseries with descriptions of the rock, look at the appearance of these giants. If you ever happen, you can visit any renowned exhibition of cats of this breed, to talk with the experts. Having some knowledge, we can talk about the acquisition of a purebred kitten. And it's better not to get involved with poultry market, and immediately order the kittens in the cattery, where all value their reputation and work on conscience.

Selling border kuna – responsible business. Breeders interested in, to livestock breed called degenerates. And the word kun every sunbathers desire to have in the house of the most representative cat.

on growing, care, raising these animals in the kennel staff takes a long time. Here's to the constant supervision will stack a lot of other issues, requiring immediate solutions. That's what it is – professional breeding of cats, because breeders work is based on the ability to subordinate himself to his favorite cause, Whatever difficulties had not collide. In addition, the knowledge they are ready, at every opportunity, share with all admirers meows tribe, that people have the opportunity to Buy maine coon cat with a good pedigree.

In ancient Egypt, cats were the patron goddess Bast, especially venerated men. To her temple on the festival attracts thousands of believers. The death of a cat was considered a great sorrow. Her mummified corpse and honorably buried in a special cemetery. Rare exotic animals adored by the Greeks and Romans. They have not bowed before them, but treated kindly.

Those times have sunk into oblivion, a cat and a man are still a number of. Now, for the cultivation of thoroughbred animals everywhere are nurseries, where you can always buy a Maine Coon kitten. Благо, that the Minsk nursery succeeds in creating a special type of animals, which in different colors look great.

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