The ABCs of vitamins: group B

Vitamin B

Lack of B vitamins

Many ailments can be avoided, if you know, why there is this or that ailment, and conduct preventive maintenance on time.

The doctors are seriously concerned: as shown by a recent study, the inhabitants of our countries suffer a serious lack of B vitamins. Meanwhile, these useful and necessary materials not only increase stress resistance, but also help to avoid many diseases.

Symptoms of deficiency


Так, нехватка витамина В1 (thiamine) manifested by increased heart rate, disorders of fat metabolism, otekami, shortness of breath, digestive malfunctions. B1 also plays a key role in energy production. Foods with a high content of it are all legumes and cereals, red meat.

At deficiency of vitamin B2(riboflavin) there are cracks in the corners of the mouth, headache. May periodically occur intestinal disorders, pain in the liver. Enrich menu of dishes with the addition of germinated cereals, eat beans, hazelnuts and walnuts, dairy.

Vitamin deficiency B3 (niacin) It affects vascular disorders, failures in the function of the pancreas and thyroid glands. B3 is capable of lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, important for the good condition of the nervous and digestive systems, and skin. His sources: turkey meat, rose hips and gooseberries.

1245_10372-700x500With low maintenance B4 (choline) marked impairment of memory, pressurization, growth retardation in children, as well as hemorrhages of different origin. Results have egg yolk, rabbit meat, cabbage, vegetable oils: kukuruznoe, sesame, walnut.

AT 6 (piridoskin) needed for the prevention of sciatica, diseases of the nervous system, toksikozau prevent pregnant. B6 helps enhance immunity, prevents kidney stones. Contained in peas, beans, lentils, rise, kartofele, meat and kidneys of animals, salmon, halibut, mackerel.

AT 7 (biotin) helpful Hair Power. This vitamin enriched products of animal origin and mushrooms.

1319533422_zelenAT 9 (folic acid) especially need in chronic gastroenteritis, colitis, tuberculosis, anemia. They are all rich in green leafy vegetables, cauliflower.

Vitamin B15 (calcium pangamat) avoids cardiovascular disease, cerebral hemorrhage, atherosclerosis, problems with the lungs and bronchi, liver disease. Improves fat and carbohydrate metabolism and oxygen supply. B15 is a member of soybean and legumes.


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