Архив January 2018 годa:

Stem cells from umbilical cord blood

Стволовые клетки из пуповинной крови

The successful use of stem cells in modern medicine is simply amazing - one after the other, treatable disease, previously considered incurable. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood – the same material, сохранение которого позволит обезопасить ребёнка от разнообразных ...

Treatment of autism with stem cells

Лечение аутизма стволовыми клетками

Victory over autism never seemed like a simple task. Traditional methods and magic pills will not help, because we are talking about a brain disease, the incorrect development of a number of tissues. Search methods for getting rid of this disease is clearly delayed, but now, at last, ...

What company can order a professional painting temple wall?

В какой компании можно заказать профессиональную роспись храмовых стен?

Wall painting in the church - it is a very complex process, requiring the masters, not only high professionalism, but also an understanding of Orthodox traditions. In addition to the application of the faces of the saints is not recommended to use ordinary ink, because they look too unnatural. Здесь ...

How to choose men's jeans?

Как выбрать мужские джинсы?

Unlikely to be mistaken, if I declare, that favorite clothes for men are sweaters and jeans. probably so, most outlets menswear, purchased in Modnasprava, prefer purchasing their latest collections of these things, darlings of the stronger sex. The more so ...

Taxi service in another city of Moscow

Служба такси в другой город из Москвы

Order a taxi company Taxi Equator from Moscow to another city, you can, call controller when essentials. we will explain, how to get fast and direct, promptly send you the most optimal brand taxi with an experienced driver. Our taxi service is different ...

How to choose a woman's dress on the type of tissue it

Как надо выбирать женское платье по типу его ткани

When choosing a dress, Many girls pay attention to the color and style, without attaching tissue values. This is a big mistake, which can cost you not just a good mood and money, but even health. From the tissue depends, how the dress will crush, will serve for years, или же потеряет ...

Overview of retro chic Spridget

Обзор шикарного ретроавтомобиля Spridget

FC/1, of course, extremely high quality assembled, no normal for Spitfire crackles and squeaks. Наоборот, the car body is amazingly strong and not lose dignity, even when we climb into the wilderness in search of the village road poizvilistee. В свое время заднюю подвеску с качающимися полуосями ...

Women's clothing, or thinking about, what to wear

Женская одежда или размышления о том, что надеть

You ever thought about, that makes us strive to look good? Why is it so important and why we are willing to spend a huge amount of time and a lot of money? It is a sober calculation? Or purely emotional thing? Style and elegance do not come on their own, их ...




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