Архив October 2017 годa:

The main types of baby cots

Основные виды детских кроватей

The modern market offers a wide range of children's furniture, crib for a newborn are no exception. They are made of various materials (дерева, металла, plastic and so on), can have any structure. Широкий ассортимент такой мебели предлагает ...

How to choose a freezer for the kitchen?

Как подобрать морозильную камеру для кухни?

Today, virtually every other housewife freezes seasonal vegetables and fruits, in order to prepare their winter. It is very convenient and useful, because due to the freezing of all the vitamins and minerals are retained in the products. Someone might think, that with such a task, like frost, can cope ...

The history of children's shoes

История детской обуви

XVIII century - a significant time in the history of shoes for children. Until mid-century, boys and girls up to twelve or fourteen had to wear uncomfortable shoes with bulky heels. Clothing and shoes in exactly the same style and adults differed only in size. Then childhood was ...

What's more profitable: clean the apartment yourself or use the services of cleaning agencies?

Что выгоднее: убрать квартиру самому или воспользоваться услугами клинингового агентства?

Very often, cleaning the apartment seems difficult to achieve. This may be due to several factors. For example, older people can not for a long time to wash the floors and vacuuming, and dust the furniture and chandeliers, while standing on a stepladder. К счастью, there are now cleaning ...

How to choose a child for the first toilet?

Как выбрать для ребенка первый туалет?

Пожалуй, every mother has to ask the question of selecting the first toilet for baby. Кажется, that currently there are no difficulties with this, но, if to do with the case, then everything will be much harder. Indeed, it often happens, that the child, accustomed to, diapers comfortable for him, already ...

The advantages of using beautiful phone numbers

Преимущества использования красивых номеров телефонов

Almost every person in choosing a starting package of a certain operator pays attention not only to the tariff plan, but also a set of numbers. To date, it is not uncommon to buy a beautiful room Beeline can choose which of the many specialized salons. ...

Create an interior living right

Создаем интерьер гостиной правильно

Living room - the most important room in any house, his heart and soul. This is where we take our guests, the most expensive and close friends, conduct intimate conversations. In the living room we spend most of his free time with his family, or retire to a secluded little corner, for, чтобы ...

Repairs in the bathroom

Ремонт в ванной комнате

Turn the bathroom into a luxurious room, which is nice to relax and unwind, possible only with the help of professional masters of their craft. In today's article, the master of «RemontNB» http://www.remontnb.com.ua/ tell you that, how to make repairs in the bathroom quality ...

Advice on choosing toothbrushes

Главные советы по выбору зубных щеток

How do you choose a toothbrush? Возможно, You see advertising, или, может быть, You are always in search of buying, jumping from the toothbrush on a toothbrush, when the price is more acceptable. Or you choose in accordance with the aesthetics, taking into account the color and shape of the object. Все эти стратегии помогут Вам приобрести ...

The limitation period

Срок исковой давности

Content: Introduction. Prerequisites, that apply to the limitation period of one year. to the statute of limitations requirements for a period of five and ten years. When it begins to run the limitation period. In some cases, suspended the limitation period. conclusion. Вступление Исковая ...




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