Архив March 2015 годa:

Дизайн необычайно уютного уголка – кухня

Дизайн необычайно уютного уголка – кухня

For any housewife and her family's kitchen, It is primarily a place, where they were warmly, snug, convenient and comfortable. So plan kitchen should always be based on these requests. And not the last role in this play, art design solutions, planning and organization of space. Choosing stylish ...

Wedding preparations: where to begin?

Подготовка к свадьбе: с чего начать?

Wedding - it is a crucial and exciting time for the newlyweds. We would like to organize everything at a decent level, that was something to remember. On the advice of relatives, friends, familiar dizzy. And the question arises: where to start? This article provides basic nuances, ...




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